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We can integrate our Sentient Idea approach into any aspect of your innovation processes.

Workshops & Training

Train your team to prepare for the evolution of consciousness, and bring more meaningful ideas into reality.


Uncertain over what your idea will look like? Guiding an idea into the unknown without a sense of how to proceed? Does your team need inspiration or new ways of thinking? 

We create bespoke workshops and training sessions based on working through our Sentient Idea Tree, typically for cross-functional teams of 4-12 over 1-7 days depending on the scope of project, combining new scientific and mystical insights into reality with aspects of design thinking and TRIZ, for your teams that foster the collaboration between people and ideas.


Take the uncertainty away from idea development. Let the intelligence of your idea do some of the heavy lifting for bringing itself into reality.

Innovation workshops for working with living ideas

Idea Therapy

(Innovation & Strategy Consulting)

Challenge the way you understand your ideas, concepts and products, to develop them with more universal impact.

Are your products and vision aligned? Are your ideas able to "talk" to you to foster optimal creativity? Are there creative roadblocks with your ideation? Are you unsure about the strategic direction of your concepts? 

Let us support you, or your company, with feedback and advice from the paradigms of purpose. We can apply our “living universe” Sentient Idea System to your vision, ideas, concepts and products to evaluate and propose innovation & strategic decisions aligned with your idea’s intrinsic purpose to make itself manifest.

Strategy & innovation consultancies have been stuck in a non-living approach towards ideas, and this has helped develop ideas with utility but without soul. 


We pride ourselves on being able to think outside this narrow mode of thinking and exploring a new perspective that enables imagining and acting on true creative potential that isn’t restricted to typical business ideology. Open Pandora’s Box, and see your idea from your idea’s perspective.

Idea therapy for idea development, support, diagnosis, strategya and innovation consulting

Innovation Management

State of the art research, R&D trend prediction, and novelty generation & protection.

Using our services will more than likely result with the generation of new ideas that might need to be protected. We have experience generating novelty with innovation frameworks, and studying the existing prior art to understand and predict the technical and R&D landscape trajectories.

Together with our intellectual property experts, we can work with you to determine an optimal intellectual property strategy for your existing ideas, or ideas that result from working with us.


We can also support your R&D strategy, identify hot innovation niches in your industry, create existing competitor patent work-around strategies, develop novelty for patent marketing purposes, evaluate your R&D ecosystem, and determine the best strategy for making the most of your innovations. 

Innovation management, protecting novelty and intellectual property, and evaluating research and development trends

Like the way we think?

Contact us and we can find a way for a "living universe" approach to benefit you.

The thing about thinking with a disruptive paradigm, is that the ways of working with new knowledge haven’t been fully explored and firmly established with a recognizable process or label. 


We don’t want to let the incumbent ways of doing things limit what we can offer. If there is a way you think we could work together, please reach out!


Our mission is to support anyone and everyone, including businesses, NGO’s, NPO’s, creative people, academics to think in non standard ways and bring thinking about ideas in a “living universe” into the spotlight.

Currently Offering Free Proof of Concept Services

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