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Sentient Idea Tree, Innovating with Mysticism, Platonism, Jungian Psychology and Animism

Developing Ideas With The Sentient Idea Tree

Our innovation system integrates breakthroughs in quantum physics, retro-causality, creativity hacks from design thinking, 1000’s of years of wisdom from mysticism, and phenomenological and Jungian philosophical approaches to defining what ideas are and how we can interact with them as an interactive organism responding to, and evolving in, our responsive shared reality.

The system covers every angle necessary for bringing an idea from the imagination to an audience, and evaluating existing ideas. It can be used for exploring a living vision that transcends time and space, conceptualizing and evaluating multiple modes of embodying the vision within your frame of reference, and maintaining alignment between the strategy, ideation processes, execution and maintenance of ideas.



Sentient Idea Design Philosophy

The system is designed around the animist philosophy of treating ideas as living entities with their own agency. Since we consider ideas within a living universe, we can apply the same successful therapeutic methods to supporting idea development in it’s drive to manifest itself, that are associated with successful personal development methods.


The 10 stages and 22 connecting branches are inspired by The Kabalistic Tree of Life which was originally used as a mystic's guide to progressing through stages of self development and individuation. Explore the design philosophy at

10 Innovation Milestones for Responsive Ideas

The 10 milestone stages, represented by the circles, are designed to help master an understanding of an idea via separating it into it's various 10 dimensions, beginning with the imaginal, through spatial and temporal dimensions, mental dimensions, and finally it's physical representation. 

We use the stages as the milestones during our workshop content, and as the reference for evaluating ideas, concepts and products. If you want to know more about the stages then please don't hesitate to reach out and we can direct you to our correct digital resources.

The 4 Modes of an Idea's Existence

The ideas are categorized into four modes of existence, based on the cornerstones of human development; spirit, intellect, emotion & body. The most developed people are those that have their modes of existence aligned and fulfilled; and ideas are no different.


Ideas can be categorized similarly into their modes; Stage 1-3 Vision (Spirit), Stage 4-6 Concept Creation (Emotion), Stage 7-9 Formative Product (Intellect) and Stage 10 Manifest (Body). You can focus on just one mode of existence in cases where you only want to create concepts or turn concepts into products. If you need support with any of these modes; exploring a vision, creating concepts, or product development please see our services, or get in touch and see if there is a way we can work together.  

22 Archetypes to Guide Innovation Functions

The 22 labelled paths are the guiding archetype for how to integrate the connected outcomes i.e. if you want to know how to best integrate motion into a concept you should consult the evaluator archetype. They are adapted from Jungian psychology and mystic systems of progressing self individuation. If you would like to know more about the archetypes, or about the individuation of ideas, please contact us or go to


Embodying these archetypes at their designated stages is especially useful for progressing to the next stage of idea development; or troubleshooting what has gone wrong with an existing idea. We integrate these archetypes into our workshops and Idea Therapy (Innovation Strategy Consulting) sessions. 

The Results of Integrating Vision, Concept and Product

By extending the breakthroughs made in human development, i.e. process of Jungian Individuation, to the ecosystem of ideas, our innovation system is a process of working with living ideas. It contextualizes the much broader impact an idea has on our shared reality; the universal ethics of an idea, and not just the tangible impacts on a narrow consumer segment.

There are typical elements integrated from other iterative innovation systems; i.e. design thinking & TRIZ, but these are just one of the tools at our disposal when treating ideas as living entities. Our system is a complete broad overview of an idea's development, including design, strategy, execution, alignment and ideation. 

Integrating Our Innovation System Into Your Idea Development

Whether you are working with a new idea, or you want to improve an existing idea, our innovation system can seamlessly integrate with your innovation requirements. Our system will help businesses grow and assess their ideas according to the will of the idea as well as end users, generating longer-lasting, and more impressive results than systems based on outdated materialist approaches.

If you would like to work together, or bounce ideas with someone for your next project, check Our Services here. You can also visit our parent website, if you would like to explore the Sentient Idea philosophy in more detail. 

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