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Innovating Towards a Meaningful and Enchanted Universe

We believe in preparing for the future synthesis between enlightenment values and postmodern values; where spirituality meets innovation. 

Humanity needs a response to the rapidly narrowing belief systems that perpetuate the destructively self-fulfilling collective anthropocentric perception that we (humanity) are the only "living" or intelligent substance of significance within a non-living (static) universe.

It is our mission to enable thought leaders to realize there are multiple approaches to thinking about ideas which can facilitate longer lasting, and more impressive, impacts than the narrow materialist paradigms that dominate business and innovation practices today. 

The Limitations of Human Centered Innovation

When innovating, every time we use the customer as the main reference point to determine the value of the idea, we are still committing to the position of human exceptionalism; that the customer, or consumption is the most important aspect of ideas.

This leads to reducing the value of ideas and innovation to how convenient or consumable they are; placing health, ecology, ethics, well-being, and purpose on an axiom revolving around customer appeal, often leading to compromises to other areas of our living reality. Human centered innovation leads to a human dominated reality. 

A New Way of Looking at Idea Development 

Our way of looking at innovation is to place universal axioms back as the central consideration, to provide a consistent, rational, and ideal reference at the center of idea development. It all starts with a vision, and seamlessly integrating it into the concept and product stages.


The most impactful applied ideas and technologies in history; relativity quantum physics, electricity, artificial intelligence etc, were referenced to universal maxims rather than customers and created by inventors who could engage with ideas as if they were alive. 

Einstein once famously said "There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." If we treat ideas as alive, we choose to live life as though everything is a miracle. If you want to know how to innovate while treating ideas as alive, without compromising commercial requirements, please have a look at our Process, or use the contact form.

Samuel Brown, Founder of Ideatry and Sentient Idea

Samuel Brown (Owner & Consultant)

+49 178 1950140

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About The Founder

After working at AI tech start-ups and unicorns, and co-inventing multiple AI patents, I created the Sentient Idea Framework inspired by the lack of idea diversity of popular innovation theories and product development frameworks.


Through exposure to new ideas, our generation's consciousness is waking up to an amazing opportunity to implement the wisdom humanity has collectively learnt, historically across time, and spatially across cultures. The Sentient Idea way of thinking taps into this wisdom, supporting innovators develop their ideas according to a wealth of historical and cultural philosophical approaches.


If you want to know more about myself, or the Sentient Idea philosophy, check out the online hub @,

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