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Innovation begins with questioning assumptions about reality

Is it really "thinking outside the box" if we are using the same assumptions about reality as we have for the last 200 years?


The further humanity progresses an understanding of mind and reality, the more evidence points towards how much our beliefs are self-fulfilling and can influence our tangible reality. What's your assumption about reality?


Since we, at Ideatry, want to live in a responsive living universe, we believe all things have some form of agency, including ideas which have an instinct to make themselves manifest. Our innovation model is tailored towards exploring the instinct of an idea and co-creating reality with it. 

Tap into the wisdom of your ideas with our innovation services

​Our novel methods combining mysticism, animism, psychology, philosophy and innovation theory are designed to help thought leaders, product & innovation managers, and entrepreneurs develop ideas with longevity, sustainability, meaning and well-being without compromising immediate commercial requirements. 

Idea development and innovation of the future

Innovation For Sentient Ideas

Co-creating with the will of an idea. Innovation advisory and training services that assume ideas are sentient. Inspired by Mysticism, Animism, and Jungian Psychology.

Prioritize purpose and get ahead of the innovation trend

Today with increasing accessibility of knowledge, there is a shift away from transcendent wisdom belonging to only a few select individuals in remote corners of the world, towards a new collective consciousness where we all have the capacity to think and act like our own self actualized sage. 


We are experiencing a collective movement towards purpose, sustainability, meaning and well-being. Yet humanity is only just beginning to implement this way of thinking into innovation processes. 

Purpose is the next innovation trend
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